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2248.Secure_Boot1_5AF59670Building and Personal security has obviously become a major issue these days. And Integrated Solutions, a security expert has not only kept up with the market changes, but also trains management and techs regularly to keep abreast of the lasted technology and practices.

We of course have seen the biggest change in the area of surveillance cameras. This market segment has increased significantly over the past few years. If you area business owner and don’t have a CCTV business security system, you should!

We have been installing cameras for many years and this technology has now become affordable enough that anyone can remotely watch their home or business.

However with over 30 years experience in alarm systems the most significant changes have become the usability and integration with other systems and of course with smart devices like your cell phone.

Features like alarm system activation and monitoring from your cell phone are now commonplace.

Access Control has also experienced significant growth over the past few years. I.S. is certified and installs Honeywell card access systems for one or a hundred doors.

So if your looking for a security system or a surveillance camera system for your Office, Warehouse, Retail Store, or Farm, we can provide a solution for you.

Integrated also has in-house specialists to help with your cannabis project.

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