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Security for your cannabis business

Let us help you get compliance for your retail Cannabis Business or store in Oregon and Washington.

Complying with state required cannabis laws is our specialty. We can install a security system that complies with state retail security regulations in Oregon and Washington.

We’ve provide cameras and alarms for several cannabis facilities. We can work with producers, processors, laboratories, dispensaries, agricultural cannabis growing operations, and retail stores.

burglar breaking glass door

65 years of combined experience of our in-house security specialists says it all.

We have over 30 years of experience in alarm and camera systems. We’ll work with you to design a plan of attack to prevent loss or damage to your property. We install security systems that not only meet state regulations, but also help you manage your business.

Our experienced staff are experts at access control and offer comprehensive solutions. We are certified to install Honeywell card access systems for up to 100 doors! We strive to make convenience, compliances, and security all come together with features like the ability to view your cameras or set and disable alarm systems from your phone.

We Are 100% Compliant With Cannabis Security Regulations in Oregon and Washington

Let us keep track of the details and minutiae. Use and possession of cannabis is legalized for recreational and medicinal purposes in Oregon and Washington. Different states have different rules, requirements, and regulations that change frequently and get stricter with each amendment. Integrated Solutions stays informed and adapts to all changes and updates.