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Keep Your Business Safe with a Zero-Contact Visitor Management System

Marty Socklov, a low voltage electrical contractor

Marty Sockolov

Low Voltage Electrical Contractor
Founder of Integrated Solutions NW

Businesses are starting to re-open, but the rules and regulations for keeping your clients, guests, and employees safe are getting stricter amid the current pandemic.

And lets be frank: it’s irresponsible to open your business without taking precautions against a deadly disease outbreak.

COVID-19 is the most recent, but it isn’t the first and it won’t be the last. There was The Spanish Flu in 1918, SARS in 2002, The Bird Flu in 2005… and there will undoubtedly be another in the future.

Not to mention the regular flu that goes around every year. Maybe it doesn’t kill as many people, but I bet you don’t want to catch that either.

I guarantee your employees and your guests don’t.

It would be great if we could all shelter in place comfortably, but you know what isn’t sheltering in place and self-quarantining?

Your and your employees’ bills. 

Open safely with Traction Guest, a visitor management system.

Here are a few ways a visitor management system can help you stay safe & compliant:

  • Limit allowed visitors to only those that are business critical for keeping your site operational.
  • Get an alert when a high-risk visitor enters the site.
  • Go full digital for a completely contact free check in service.
  • Add documents for visitors to sign like screening questions about recent travel, display of symptoms, and other high contagion risk behaviors

And that doesn’t even touch on all the highly customizable options we can add for your unique business needs…

Take An Example Pre Check-in Survey

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Get a Visitor Management System for Your Business

Your guest will complete their survey before they ever go to your on site location.

Once they get to site, they can check in using their smart phone without ever needing a gatekeeper to let them in face to face, minimizing exposure risks.

When the guest checks in, the host will be notified that they’ve arrived and completed the pre-check-in survey. If your building uses badges, a visitor badge can be printed on demand now.

No waiting. No contact. No surprises.

Your visitor management system is completely customizable.

Most offices know exactly who will be visiting and when, so they can send customized invites. But if you’re working at a construction site you’re probably working with multiple employees from multiple companies, and you may not know exactly who will show up.

In that case you can easily set up your visitor management system to skip the invites. Instead, you’ll email the subcontractor instructions that their employees will follow to download the check in app and check in once on site, so you can track who’s coming and going and when without having to personalize every invitation.

You can even upload a watch list that notifies your superintendent of non-authorized or specific access attempts.

Plus Traction Guest can fully integrate with Compliance Engine for more safety compliance features.

Traction Guest gives you the capability to set up multiple experiences for whatever type of guest you like.

You’re in total control of your visitor management workflow.

Administrative Control

Assign someone as the site visitor manager to keep your visitor management flow working effectively. Have admins confirm visitors and escort any non-employees at all times. Designate a single entrance and exit point for visitors.

Data Collection

You can see the name of the visitor, the date, the company they represent, who they’re visiting, the purpose for their visit, exactly when they arrive and exactly when they leave, and which employee they met with.

Employee Checklists

You can even confirm employee access. Make it the responsibility of all employees who host visitors to ensure visitors are escorted out of the facility and all identification badges are returned.

Sub Contractor Management

View which subcontractors visited site, which employees were there, when they checked in, and when they left. Get notified for unusual access or notified when specific users check in or out. Integrate visitor management with Compliance Engine.

Get a Visitor Management System for Your Business