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Access Control

Seamless Access Control Systems for Businesses

Elevate the security of your Oregon business with ‘Integrated Solutions’, your authorized PDK dealer for cutting-edge access control systems. Our solutions are engineered to manage access for 1 to 1000 doors, featuring the easiest user interface for card access available on the market. The platform, renowned for its simplicity and integration, scales effortlessly to the size of your business, enhancing productivity and user experience. Coupled with our over 40-years experience in voice and data cabling, including copper and fiber by Leviton, ICC, and Commscope, we deliver an access control system that is not only easy to manage but also robust and reliable.

Advanced Access Management

With ‘Integrated Solutions’, managing access to your Oregon facility has never been easier. Our platform offers a unified, fully integrated access experience, accessible from any device. This means you can effortlessly manage multiple locations, set immediate user permissions, receive instant alerts, and monitor live events—all through a single mobile app. The PDK system also supports proprietary wireless communication. So adding doors has never been easier.

Optimized Access Control for Modern Enterprises

Authorized PDK Dealer

As an authorized PDK dealer, ‘Integrated Solutions’ provides access control that is intuitive and scalable. From small businesses to corporate environments, our systems ensure easy management of any number of doors.

Efficient System Management Across All Roles

Integrated Solutions streamlines data cable service with tools for every role. Integrators and installers can manage sites remotely, while administrators handle systems and security features on-the-go. For end-users, easy access and mobile credentials provide unmatched convenience and security.

Ultimate Access Platform stands out with its ease of use and fully integrated access capabilities. It’s a comprehensive platform that enhances your ability to manage permissions, monitor real-time events, and generate custom reports, simplifying access management like never before.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“We couldn’t be happier with the installation of an additional 150 cameras for our cannabis farm in Eugene, Oregon.”


Marty and his team came to our gym with a heck of an electronic mess to clean up–they did so with grace and have been able to find solutions to any issue we’ve had over the last 6 years of operation. As we work to provide a great fitness space for our community, I know I can count on Marty and his team to do quality work and keep all the bells and whistles running smoothly.”