Data Cable Service

Premium Data Cable Services for Oregon’s Diverse Needs

Integrated Solutions proudly offers a complete spectrum of data cable services in Oregon, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of businesses big and small. Our expertise spans from certified Cat5/6/6A copper data cabling infrastructure to in-building certified fiber backbone installation. We understand the criticality of a reliable network, which is why we offer meticulous testing and certification for every installed cable or fiber. Whether it’s a few cable drops in a small office or warehouse, or thousands of certified drops in a large office building, or even a fiber backbone across your campus, Integrated is fully equipped and ready to exceed industry standards.

Trusted and Certified Data Cabling Expertise in Oregon

At Integrated Solutions, our commitment to quality is unmatched. We have a team of trained, licensed, and experienced installers, equipped with stocked trucks and advanced test equipment, ensuring every job meets or surpasses industry standards. Our reputation for excellence in data cable service is recognized by the State of Oregon, Spirit Mountain Casino, and hundreds of other small businesses. We also proudly subcontract for several nationwide companies, further cementing our position as a trusted partner for all your network cabling needs in Oregon.

Reliable Intrusion Alarm Systems

Installation and Monitoring Made Simple

Comprehensive Cabling Infrastructure

Specializing in certified Cat5/6/6A copper data cabling, Integrated Solutions delivers robust infrastructure to support your business’s data needs, ensuring reliable and high-speed network performance.

Expert Fiber Backbone Installation

Our in-building certified fiber backbone installations provide the backbone for high-capacity network demands, ideal for larger premises and campus environments seeking dependable and future-proof networking solutions.

Rigorous Testing and Certification

Every cabling project we undertake undergoes stringent testing and certification, guaranteeing that your network operates at peak efficiency and reliability, backed by our highly skilled and equipped installation team.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“We couldn’t be happier with the installation of an additional 150 cameras for our cannabis farm in Eugene, Oregon.”


Marty and his team came to our gym with a heck of an electronic mess to clean up–they did so with grace and have been able to find solutions to any issue we’ve had over the last 6 years of operation. As we work to provide a great fitness space for our community, I know I can count on Marty and his team to do quality work and keep all the bells and whistles running smoothly.”