Intrusion Alarms

Honeywell Intrusion Alarms

Safeguard your Oregon property with the unparalleled reliability of Honeywell Vista and Pro Series Intrusion Alarms offered by ‘Integrated Solutions’. Our commitment to your safety is demonstrated through advanced wireless technology, ensuring seamless monitoring and instant alert systems. We specialize in professional installation and designing a tailored security solution that vigilantly protects your business, providing immediate notification of all events, day or night.

Innovative Intrusion Detection

At ‘Integrated Solutions’, we bring the future of security to your doorstep in Oregon with state-of-the-art intrusion alarms. Experience the ease and convenience of wireless systems that blend perfectly with your business environment. Our Honeywell Vista and Pro Series alarms are not just products; they’re a promise of safety, featuring robust monitoring capabilities and swift installation. Trust us to design a system that offers comprehensive protection and keeps you informed at every moment.

Reliable Intrusion Alarm Systems

Installation and Monitoring Made Simple

Honeywell's Advanced Protection

Embrace the industry-leading security of Honeywell Vista and Pro Series Intrusion Alarms. Our solutions are designed to provide Oregon businesses with cutting-edge protection, ensuring that your premises are safeguarded against any unauthorized entry.

Wireless Convenience and Control

Enjoy the modern convenience of wireless alarm systems, facilitating easy installation without compromising on security. Our intrusion alarms offer hassle-free monitoring, maintaining vigilance so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

Custom Security Designs

‘Integrated Solutions’ is dedicated to creating a personalized security setup that meets your unique needs. Our promise: “We will design a system that protects your business and provides immediate notification of all events day or night.” Let us tailor an intrusion alarm solution just for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“We couldn’t be happier with the installation of an additional 150 cameras for our cannabis farm in Eugene, Oregon.”


Marty and his team came to our gym with a heck of an electronic mess to clean up–they did so with grace and have been able to find solutions to any issue we’ve had over the last 6 years of operation. As we work to provide a great fitness space for our community, I know I can count on Marty and his team to do quality work and keep all the bells and whistles running smoothly.”